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A Musical Family Influence

Christina w/ Otis Williams / Temptations - 2011
While Christina Langen had grown up with a strong musical family influence, the group's story really began in Salem, Ohio in late 2010.

When local producer / songwriter Candi Langen (drums/guitar/vocals) invited her then 13 year old daughter Christina (vocals/keys/sax) onstage to sing, it was apparent she had "IT".

Together, they sang and traveled on a series of road trips and on one trip to Nashville in 2013, they met the band Earth, Wind and Fire.

This trip also led them to a recording studio where Christina recorded her first cover of Patsy Cline's "Walking After Midnight".

Candi Langen (left) and Christina

Later that year, they met area producer / songwriter, Johnny Lewis (guitar/keys/vocals) and quickly found their own sound by combining aspects of rock, R&B and country music for a unique blend of danceable Americana.

House Party began their musical journey by writing, recording and producing a series of broadcast radio and television commercial jingles for a local business in the Northeast Ohio market.

Soon they began performing live as a three piece band at area clubs and private parties with a variety of country, classic rock and Motown cover songs. By 2015, House Party was booking larger venues, such as Clay’s Park Resort and recruited local veteran musicians to complete the line up.

House Party's danceable Americana groove had gained an enthusiastic fan base and inspired the original songs for their debut album. The band is very excited to bring their own brand of country rock & blues to an expanding legion of fans. The album and singles are available for streaming and download on, i-Tunes, Spotify, Youtube, Google Play, iHeartRadio, Pandora and Apple Music.


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CHRISTINA LANGEN grew up around a musical family life and soon got the bug herself playing guitar, keyboards, drums and saxophone.

However, her forte became obvious with her strong vocal talents. Christina sang and played piano on the Casual Carpets Jingle / Television Commercial airing on all major networks in the Youngstown market.

Throughout high school, Christina held the lead roles in Les Miserables, Bye Bye Birdie, South Pacific and Nunsense. She performed on tenor sax in the jazz and symphonic bands and as a featured vocalist / choreographer in the Young & Alive Show Choir. Additionally, Christina co-wrote and co-produced most of the tracks on the first two EPs.

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CANDI LANGEN is a talented songwriter, musician and producer, who began performing professionally at age 13 with the popular NE Ohio piano/drum duo, "Bones & Ivory".

With her brother Ron Roepke on keys / vocals, "Bones" performed across the Great Lakes region including the legendary Ponderosa Park.

After Christina was born, Candi took a hiatus from music, though it was in her blood. She soon began performing as rhythm guitarist / drummer for country band "Southern Crossroads" and as the drummer for an AC/DC tribute band. She also produced and engineered several local demos and releases for other artists in the Great Lakes region.

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JOHNNY LEWIS began his musical career in Ohio in 1975 performing with various cover bands before entering the studio to write / record original material.

In 1983 he became a certified audio engineer and spent the following years on the road with various regional artists. In 1986, he returned to the studio and released several singles with the band "You Look Like Me".

In the early nineties, Johnny shifted his focus on broadcast media production. His credits included "ESPN 2 Sportsbreak", "The Son of Ghoul Show" and a feature film segment for "Little Miss Magic", which premiered nationally on HBO networks.

Currently, Johnny is producing independent media productions for various clients and performs as keyboardist / co-writer and co-producer for House Party.

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